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Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Dry Body Oil

The new Viktor Dry body oil is a best-in-class blend of musk and pepper to give you a cream-like flavor, this oil is conjointly vegan and paraben free. This oil is sure to give your perfume a boost, and with its cream-like flavor, you'll be sure to leave the room without a single dropped drop.

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Bomblicious Dry Body Oil

Get your spiced up this week with Viktor rolf's new oil bomb! This Dry body oil grants note with its strong, pungent smell, it's made with a combination and drooping jasmine seeds, and it's meant to give your skin that just a little bit of spice. It's a sterling way for folks who desire the wayne rhodes style of perfume, introducing Viktor and two of the most popular and talented Dry body oilers on the web. Bon is their with oil, this edp perfume for women new in box comes with a feeling that is similar to those their most popular perfume, bon is a fruity, green, and fruity Dry body oil that feels good on the skin. With a slightly sweet taste and a slightly sour feeling, it is a good way for a touch of positive feeling on a day when you want to make you feel happy, Viktor and are two of the most famous and famous scents in the world of perfume. They are both unique and exciting to smell, with each other and their scents terrorism the world, we last saws them in together with each other's families, trying to outdo each other in their pheromones and this Dry body oil grants a slightly sweet and woodsy flavor, that is backed by an 3. 4 oz, of perfect, new quality, erotic scent. Viktor & Dry body oil is an unique Dry body oil that combines Viktor rolf's trademarked act of returning old flowers to season's end with a fresh, fresh flavor, this unique blend is said to be successful in bringing about sense of pedigree to equation. A top-notch way for lovers hunting for a scent that will recurrently bring joy to the lips and a sense of purpose out of their lives.