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F Body Oil Pan Pickup Tube

This is a defunct page, parts is the only source forrin' "body oilpan" (and other related items) in the 302-2 series camaro. Our retros are always made to order and will be delivered within a few days once payment is received, no need to wait to shop with parts. Now you can get your car's engine running and digging its best at the same time.

Cheap F Body Oil Pan Pickup Tube

This is a nice, new, highly-prized Tube for your camaro engine, it window into the all-new ls1 and ls2 models. It's made of hard-shell cover material and grants a genius design that requires just a bit of effort to install, finally, you can focus on your engine and its capabilities. The gm f-body oil Pickup Tube for the holden commodore vz ls1 l76 5, 7 l 6. 0 l v8 is for use with a gm f-body oil pickup, it is produced of durable materials and gives a long life experience. It effortless to adopt and fits most vehicles, this is a pick up Tube for the ls1 and platforms. It is for use with extra clearances, it gives a larger hexagon-shaped head than the regular pick up tube, and is manufactured of heavy-grip plastic. It is black in color and imparts a large "f" shield on the front, this pick up Tube is needed for the ability to suit a variety of oil pans within the car. This is an used, aluminum F body oil Pan Pickup tube, it is included in the package. The Tube is about 10 inches long and is attached to the F body with a small metal clip, the Tube fits two oil Pan mounts. The Tube is lightly used and the metal clip is missing, the Tube is in good condition and free shipping on orders over $75.